Welcome to the Artemis Team!

With the new changes happening in the region and an exciting array of high-growth tech clientele the Artemis Team was at capacity. So we’re happy to announce that our team recently doubled in size  and we’re delighted to welcome Nivedita, Yvonne and Joe to the team!

Armed with a Bachelors in Sociology and a Masters in International Business, Nivedita recently took the plunge into Canada’s winter and exploding tech industry. With a background in digital marketing at an agency in India and a Fortune 500 company in Amsterdam, Nivedita is excited about bringing her dual perspective to the team.

Yvonne is a maritimer with a passion for helping people. She’s excited to be matching talented people with challenging roles. In Calgary, she helped build and develop engineering teams for the Energy sector, now she’s eager to help power innovation in KW.

A graduate of UW, UofT, and former doctoral candidate at McMaster, Joe excitedly made the move into tech and recruiting at a Fortune 500 before joining Artemis. He’s thrilled to work with the finely-tuned team and to focus his efforts on driving innovation by championing it’s most critical asset: good people.