The Artemis Update – May 2018 in Review

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All The Moves

Dinah Davis of Arctic Wolf Networks is now their VP of Research and Development. Congratulations Dinah!

Ted Hastings has resigned as CEO of RhythmOne. We’re excited to see what next adventure awaits.

Two former BigRoad leaders, Marica Herteis and Alicia Bedard, have joined Encircle as VP of Customer Success and VP of Marketing respectively. 

What We’re Working On


Humans of Tech

This month we had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Oliver Fisher, VP of Engineering at Freshbooks. 

Check out his insights on balancing commuting from Ottawa to Toronto 3 days a week, and his thoughts on inspiration based leadership. 

Canada Connect

We’re getting ready to release Canada Connect 2.0, with some great feedback from our company partners and the candidates we’ve been working with.

As part of this, we’re inviting new partners into the program – If you want to be first to hear about Canadian tech pros who are thinking about a move home, ask about how to get on the list!

Get In Contact

In the meantime, check out CanadaConnect for more information.

Kristina’s Thoughts:

On AI and implications for building teams with a conscience…

The rise of applications for AI has sparked critical conversation in our community about ethics.

 What can and should tech companies do to ensure that our tech is designed with an inherent respect for human rights? With the inherent biases that often come along with machine learning, we MUST build teams that can develop great, responsible solutions. This month’s discussion will focus on HOW we can do this.

This week at the TrueNorth TechForGood Conference, the Declaration was released. It covers a variety of ways that companies can be held accountable for building companies and solutions that are ethical and that put the best interest of humanity first. We think that a commitment to these principals will not only ensure better products, but will also give a business an incredible edge as they compete for the best talent.

We’re interested in what is being done now and what you’re planning to do to address this in your company.

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