The Artemis Update – June 2017

The Artemis Update – June 2017

Letter from Kristine – Founder, Artemis Canada

I’m a big fan of Brene Brown. Among her words of wisdom is the notion that we can only grow and succeed if we have the courage to be vulnerable and uncomfortable. Human instinct draws us towards safely and away from risk. When we put ourselves into new and uncomfortable situations, we surely risk failure but also greatness.

As I consider how this applies to career growth, I think of the number of people who opt to stay in a comfortable job, even though they are unchallenged and unfulfilled. Where new opportunities lead to incredible new learnings and adventure, they also present uncomfortable new social and professional situations.

If you’re to set out an intention for yourself this summer, let it be to challenge your comfort zones. Try something new. Risk failure and embarrassment, and open up the possibility for incredible new success.

Kristina McDougall
Founder, Artemis Canada

Industry Update

It’s definitely a time for celebration for the tech community with the announcement of a 10-day turnaround time for processing work permit applications for foreign talent.

League announced the kickoff of its US expansion, with plans to pursue a $100 million USD funding round by early 2018 and be in the top 10 US metro areas by summer 2018

Element AI, a Montreal-based platform and incubator for companies to build AI solutions, raises $102M USD.

Sam Altman, president of the Y Combinator startup accelerator in Mountain View, received an honorary doctorate from the University of Waterloo and was full of praises for the region.

Montreal based Automat raises 11M CAD series A to build up its conversational AI platform.

CIBC unveils it’s data studio at the Communitech data hub.

DMZ & GM host hackathon focused on AI solutions for cars – “AI is creating a level of connectivity in the automotive industry that promises to bring major benefits to manufacturers and consumers alike.”

Omer’s Ventures and CFC released an ongoing studyPulse on VR – tracking the evolution of Canada’s VR ecosystem.

Startupfest in Montreal – a global gathering of the world’s tech community – is on July 12-15. Don’t forget to join the Startup Train from Toronto for an unforgettable journey of networking and fun!

Canadian investors explain why Canada is a great place to do business, live, work and invest – #InvestinCanada

StackAdapt launches #HackDiversity aimed at raising awareness about barriers to diversity in the tech sector.

Who’s on the Move

Jodi Marner formerly a Business Solutions Executive Leader at Nakisa recently moved to the post of Head of Talent Initiatives at Communitech

Former Head of Unitron Global HR Maija Mitchell recently was appointed as an HR Leader at Descartes

Meet the Leader

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 1.15.15 PM

Samiksha Khanna recently joined Mattermost in May as their Head of Operations. Mattermost is an early stage company headquartered in Palo Alto that is growing the team around the world – with a heavy focus in KW and Toronto. They develop open source, enterprise-grade messaging solutions for leading organizations across high tech, manufacturing, financial services, public sector, aerospace and healthcare.
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Artemis Canada Connect

The Artemis Canada Connect program is a confidential and curated introduction service aimed at connecting returning tech talent with innovative tech companies in Canada. By flipping traditional recruiting upside down, we help individuals return to great jobs in Canada by giving our partners a first look at the best returning talent.

Here’s a preview of the senior talent looking to come home.
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#1 This accomplished Data Scientist has 10+ years experience developing and applying machine learning algorithms in a wide range of domains with a focus on natural language processing. He’s had experience working hands-on to build prototypes as a start-up leader and is currently leading a team that builds ML and NLP models at a large global enterprise company.
I’d like to learn more

#2 This Product & Engineering Leader has designed and developed software from the lowest level drivers to the highest level Java applications.  He is familiar with software architecture and system design – Embedded Linux, QNX, Android, and ARM SoCs – with an expertise in consumer electronics and embedded systems.
I’d like to learn more

#3 This Marketing exec has experience leading scale-ups and large enterprise marketing teams. His domain expertise spans B2C marketplaces, payments and eCommerce. He is looking to join an established Canadian tech company that is ready for expansion and scaling sales globally.
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#4 This experienced leader of Saas and Data Operations led the AWS migration strategy for a successful online gaming company, drove product automation and managed 30 engineers internationally. He has a strong project leadership and database background, and a UW Math/CompSci degree.
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#5 This CTO/Engineering Leader has worked with scale-ups and global companies in a variety of domains, spanning enterprise, mining, and ad tech. He is technically savvy and is a strong leader of people and teams. He is looking for a high growth company where he can scale the software development organization.
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Active Artemis Searches

Here are a handful of the roles we’re currently working on:

VP Delivery/Professional Services
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Mobile Team Lead Developer
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Start Up – Machine Learning Engineer
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Engineering Leader – GTA Scale-up
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Data Savvy Marketing Manager – Toronto
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