The Artemis Update – July 2017

The Artemis Update – July 2017


Sandvine Corp. has accepted a takeover bid of $562-million with Francisco Partners(FP). FP intends to combine the Waterloo, Ont.based company with Procera Networks, Inc. of Fremont, Calif.

League – the company disrupting the employee insurance space – recently partnered with Dialogue to launch a personalized consumer health concierge.

CEO of League, Michael Serbinis, talks about the impact he hopes to make, diversity and AI based economic growth in Canada.

Toronto is set to host Elevate Toronto, a new technology festival aimed at celebrating the city’s thriving tech ecosystem this September.

Montreal hosted a successful StartUpFest earlier this month. In a memorable keynote address, Pando’s Sarah Lacy ripped the lid off Silicon Valley’s epidemic of “Toxic Masculinity”

Toronto’s Freshbooks continues to be a dominant player in SMB finance and has raised $57M fuel further NA expansion.

Wondering how AI will impact job creation? A recent report shows that, over the past year, AI job opportunities (as a share of all job opp) have grown by nearly 500%.  The success of the Government of Canada’s Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy is thought to be a key factor in this growth.

Wealthsimple, a Toronto fintech start-up that is shaking up the personal investment world, cracked the international market earlier this year and hit 1 billion in assets.

TextNow, a Waterloo-based company that offers low-cost, cloud-based, mobile phone and Internet service is offering a $13k bonus for the employee making the referral plus another $13k to the newly acquired employee – giving us a sense of the shortage of tech talent in the region.


Former Director of Talent at Vidyard Caryn Petker recently joined Sortable as VP Human Resources.

Former Nokia, Microsoft VP Jari Niemela joins Thalmic as VP of Engineering.

Bill Brunson formerly VP Inside Sales at eSentire recently made the move to VP of Growth and Opportunity Development at Axonify.

Vision Critical recently appointed Marco Bussadori as its chief revenue officer (CRO) for North America.

Jennifer Fields, who was formerly the head of national agency sales at Kijiji, is joining as Sortable’s Head of Strategic Partnerships.


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The Artemis Canada Connect program is a confidential and curated introduction service aimed at connecting returning tech talent with innovative tech companies in Canada. By flipping traditional recruiting upside down, we help individuals return to great jobs in Canada by giving our partners a first look at the best returning talent.

Here’s a preview of the senior talent looking to come home.
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#1 This highly technical Data Science Director has extensive experience building out enterprise data applications leveraging cloud, big data, IoT and large scale systems to help drive innovation
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#2 This Senior Director of Technology – IoT/AI – has a Multimedia and User Experience background leading a team focused on IoT, Wearables, Sensors/AI, Automotive, Mobile and Augmented Reality. He has 10+ years of experience in design, implementation and evaluation of mobile multimedia systems.
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#3 This VP has led Customer Success/Professional Services at high growth software companies, and at large established companies (via acquisitions).
He’s a leader in Enterprise B2B customer success, customer and partner enablement and training/education. He’s been successful in establishing structure/process in the delivery organization to facilitate renewals, expansion, growth and increase customer satisfaction.
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#4 This VP of Architecture – Cloud & Big Data is known for putting in place the sophisticated infrastructure and processes that enable companies to scale globally. His experience includes the development of highly scalable, mission critical cloud systems across many industries. He has led very large teams, and can tackle a role that demands technical strength, strategic thinking and leadership.
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#5 This Senior Data Scientist/Machine Learning Executive  has 15+ years of experience in machine learning, data modelling, software development, and data mining. He has expertise in Aerospace, GPS, applied Machine Learning algorithms, Predictive Analytics and is looking for interesting problems to solve.
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Here are a handful of the roles we’re currently working on:

Engineering Leader – GTA SaaS
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VP Delivery/Professional Services
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Senior Account Executive – SaaS Cyber Security
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Technical Lead – Telecom Developer
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