Like You Mean It! Recruiting with Enthusiasm

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  It’s the thing that makes a great recruitment message stand out, and that defines a great recruiter.  It’s really simple.  Maybe a little too simple.  It’s enthusiasm.

Maybe we just have the luxury of working with companies that are worthy of excitement.  With innovative and fast moving companies, each new hire makes a critical contribution. When we start a new search and talk about a new role, it is impossible to not get excited.

This is not tail wagging, squirmy puppy excitement.  It’s genuine, authentic enthusiasm.  It permeates everything you do and everything you say, and it needs to be real.

Here is what enthusiasm looks like:

1. The Company is Excitement-Worthy

Are you doing something that is truly innovative?  Are your leaders extraordinary?  Is the mission inspirational?

Your recruitment message needs to convey this, tangibly and credibly.

2. The Role is Critical

If you don’t really NEED to hire someone to do this job, why are you bothering?  Tell me why my impact will be key to your success.  If the influence will be minimal and the contribution small, I won’t be excited to join the team.

Your actions will tell me as much as your words.  Act with urgency and you send a clear message that you are on a mission to find someone who will play an important role in your success.

3. You are Equally Excited about the Candidate

Tell me why you think I might be ideally suited to this role.  A good poker player might tell you not to give up power in the process by telling your candidate why you love them.  But it is possible to tell me how great I might be on your team, while at the same time determining whether I am the right fit.  If you act with indifference towards me, I will most certainly lose interest and find an employer who will recognize me for all of the wonderful things I can deliver.

These three things should be the outline for how you write a job description and how you recruit someone at a networking event. One thing is certain, if you get the enthusiasm factor right, it will have a measurable impact on who you recruit and who you become as a company.