One Little Word can Make or Break Your Tech Career

I recently spoke about career growth to a group of women, all working for a successful and growing tech company. In the Q & A someone asked “What can I do if my manager doesn’t give me the promotion or growth opportunities that I want?” This was a great question, but there was one word in there that lit me up.


No one is going to give you opportunity and growth. You have to go and take it. Ask for it. Prove yourself worthy of a challenging new task or project. Show that you have guts and ambition and that you can take initiative. If someone tells you that you can’t, prove them wrong, or ask them flatly what you need to learn in order to be more qualified for the task.

This one little word is the difference between people who quickly accelerate their careers and those who sit back, waiting for success and opportunity to climb into their laps.

The companies that are really moving quickly value initiative and confidence. They don’t have managers who focus solely on allocating work and delegating projects. Everyone is carrying a lot of responsibility, and often cool tasks get snapped up by the first person to offer help and get started.

But what if you do all of this, and your organization holds you back or tells you that they don’t want or need your best, most creative energies. Well, it’s obvious, this is not the place for you to thrive and grow. Your employer isn’t moving fast enough or can’t see that value that you bring. Now that you know this, go find another outlet. If you are in tech, and you’re talented and keen, you are in demand.