Olivia Tait – Executive Recruitment Consultant

Olivia Tait is a Queen’s University grad who brings a wide variety of experiences to the Artemis Team. From personal training to working with Uberflip, the common thread for Olivia has been helping people live their best lives and find where their skills make the most impact.

Olivia loves really getting to know and understand her clients’ and candidates’ backgrounds and goals. She’s always excited to come in and talk to interesting people, learn about their work, and learn about their passions. She loves finding the right person for the right company and making that match.

When Olivia left personal training, she knew she wanted to keep helping people feel better about themselves, achieve their goals, and get better at their jobs.

Here’s why Olivia joined the Artemis Canada team, in her words:

“As a candidate for the Executive Recruiter role, they weren’t just interested in what I had done, but also in what I wanted to do and where I wanted to take my career. Then I met Kristina – and I felt like she would only hire people she trusted. I trusted her. In one of our conversations, Kristina talked about how different roles and conversations pull different parts of you. I liked the idea that you didn’t have to come in and put on a mask, but could genuinely come in to work and interact in an authentic way.”