Rebecca Petricevic

Rebecca Petricevic is Artemis Canada’s Marketing Specialist. A proud Kitchener-ite, Rebecca loves watching the impressive growth and energy of the local tech community. Rebecca brings a variety of experience with her – from the legal industry to retail to the nonprofit world.

Endlessly curious, Rebecca loves learning about all the cool things Canadian tech companies and people are creating. 

Rebecca was drawn to Artemis because of the high caliber of their talent and how their values permeate every aspect of how they conduct business. When the Artemis team says it lives by their 5 core values, they are more than just words on a wall. Artemis practices what they preach and Rebecca loves sharing the stories, successes, and challenges of this amazing team.

In her personal time, Rebecca co-founded and currently runs LipOffKW -a lip-sync battle fundraiser that focuses on giving projects in the Kitchener-Waterloo a financial boost. She is a passionate advocate for the intersection of arts and technology.