Humans of Tech

Beisan Zubi

An advocate for the Kitchener-Waterloo community.

Robert Furtado

Robert Furtado

Teacher turned Founder

Adeel Zaman - DOZR

Adeel Zaman

CTO who never imagined himself as a CTO


Chris Hamoen

Caringly Direct. People Focused. Advocate and Coach for New Canadians


Emily Lonetto

Rock Star Turned Tech Star

Afraj headshot

Afraj Gill - Immigrant, Community Advocate, Cofounder of Drop Mobility

Carrie MacGillivray Out (1)
Carrie MacGillivray - Group Vice President – IoT and Mobility Research at IDC
Adam Volpe - VP of Customer Success @ Sortable
Oliver Fisher - VP Engineering at FreshBooks
VP of Startup Programs at Communitech
Paul Gray
Paul Gray - Marketing Growth Coach at Communitech
Nick Oddson
Nicholas Oddson - CTO at D2L
Abbey Gilhula - Co-Founder 1989 Co.
Sherryl Tarnaske
Sherryl Tarnaske - Chief Experience Officer Focus21
Joseph Fung
Joseph Fung - CEO of Kiite
Katarina Illic - Co-Founder of Voltera
Sean Erjavec - EVP Sales at Bridgit
Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 12.00.42 PM
Brad Bierman - Manager of Security Engineering at Arctic Wolf Networks.
TKO t shirt
Tom Kane - VP Global Sales at Virtek