Head of Growth

We are a Montreal and Toronto-based, venture-backed, early-stage startup at the heart of the FinTech movement that is shaping the way financial services are delivered. Our purpose is to eliminate the pain that small business owners face through their financial management and banking. To achieve this, we’re re-imaging business banking from the ground up.


Today you might be a Head of Growth, Marketing Director, or the equivalent in your company…or something that we haven’t heard of yet – we keep an open mind.

The most important characteristic for our Head Of Growth is your attitude. We want you to join because you don’t see roadblocks, you see opportunities to be at your best. You know that somehow, you can figure anything out. The rules for growth in FinTech are being created in right now and you can’t wait to write the playbook that companies who follow us will use for the next decade.

These team skills that will make you successful in this role (note that this comes before all else):

– You inspire: You have attracted and retained talented growth and marketing teams, and have scaled them from 0 to 5+ people in size.

You get your hands dirty: You are comfortable exploring the data, getting in front of customers, or lending your PoV to a product management meeting. Whatever it is, you break the rules if it gets the job done.

– You make champions: You play the long game and have experience with creating professional development trajectories for growth people.

– You get the reality of budgets: You have managed marketing budgets and allocated resources. You know how to 10x results even when they’ve budgets have been constrained.

You understand internal marketing: You get the role that marketing plays in shaping team culture and mission.

The skills that will make you successful in this role:

Getting things done as a growth leader:
Required: Expert knowledge of analytics tools, experience with growing a SaaS product from 0 user to scale, deep understand of mobile app marketing and growth, lots of hands on experience setting up and managing SEM, paid social campaigns, ASO/SEO, affiliates & influencer campaigns, email marketing (MailChimp), and PR. You should be able to write awesome copy just as well as you analyze data.

Nice to have: Familiar with HTML/CSS/JavaScript, SQL, design tools (e.g., photoshop, sketch), Unbounce, BI tools (Looker), customer lifecycle management

Getting things done as a team player: You’ve worked with product teams and understand how to speak tech. Bonus points if you love SCRUM.

Getting things done yourself: You can be an army of one. Sure you can manage people and partners but you don’t need a support staff to get stuff done and plan for every single user.

Getting things done on the cutting edge of growth: Facebook? Reddit? AdWords? Programmatic? Yawn. You’ve mastered them all and already are maxing out the next cohort of channels and tools that everyone else will be using next year.

Experiences and stories you can tell us around the campfire:

– Having built or helped build a pre-launch growth roadmap
– Grown a SaaS or mobile app user base from 0 to scale
– Created and launched a home-run campaign with +10x ROI
– Led a large scale full funnel campaign through creative and implementation
– Wrote articles for well known marketing/growth publications or gave a presentation at a conference
– Worked with CS and product teams to map out the full customer journey and reduced churn
– Planning for crises, working through them when they were unavoidable

If you’re excited by this challenge and want to learn more, shoot us a mail at leslie@artemiscanada.com