Get To Know Our Clients

Past and Present

Our partners are the inventors, builders and leaders who are changing our world, enriching the lives of their teams, strengthening their communities and delivering valuable innovations to global marketplaces.

Artemis Canada partners with high growth companies, where success is hinged on innovation, resilience and the ability to move fast. 

What do our clients have in common?

  • They have inspired leadership with a clear vision for how they will change the world
  • They offer exceptional opportunities for talented professionals to develop their skills, face incredible market and technical challenges, and work with passion
  • They are committed to building the Canadian tech economy

Our clients include:         

  • Tech Start-ups
  • Mid-sized Software, Hardware and Technology Services Companies
  • International Tech Companies with Canadian growth strategies
  • Innovation Outposts or divisions of Large Enterprises, where there is a dedicated effort to identify and capitalize on disruptive technologies