Canadian Values and the Upside of Kindness in Tech

In recent conversations, I’ve discussed organizational values and their affect on growth in tech. Does a focus on values improve or impede growth? Many companies, both in Canada and the US, are being torn between being values-focus (respectful, kind and trusting) and being delivery-focused (fast, effective). In the eyes of many, these are at opposite ends of a spectrum. But is that really the case?

We Canadians have a reputation for being nice – polite to a fault. This reputation has become a strength. In markets where customer and employee experience are critical, our inclusive and caring nature is starting to set our tech companies apart.

We know that the success of a tech company is tied directly to the ability to attract and engage the best people. We’ve seen this time and again as we’ve worked with multiple companies to build their executive teams. Talented people all want to be part of a winning team that is moving quickly down the path of success but they also really want to be respected.

Great people know how to get results, and they’d rather deliver those results for a company that shows them respect. The most talented people we talk to want to work with leaders who create an environment where it is safe to innovate and learn – where they are trusted and given both autonomy and direction.

A values-based organization is most likely to attract the best people. When inspired with the right mission, great people will care about customer and will deliver great solutions with speed and efficiency.