Dec 2013

About 3 out of 4 people who you hire, will turn into unenthusiastic or actively disgruntled dead weight. That’s right, our tech sector is failing miserably when it comes to employee engagement. You may disagree, but this is the truth that came from a survey that published on RedCanary. The short story is that most of your employees don’t love you, are not committed to your business and are not giving you the effort and results that you were hoping for when you hired them. How does this happen? You take time in selecting each employee, matching them to a carefully defined job spec. What could have changed between the hopeful infatuation of your pre-hire courtships, and the sad reality of your uninspired workforce? You can focus on ways to improve management, build reward systems, or plan a cooler company picnic. But the problem goes right back to who you’ve hired and why. The WHY piece is what has me most curious, as I see the same mistake happening time and again. A company sets out to find an expert when they see a problem that needs solving. The problems are short-term and tactical, and there are fires burning that need a quick and clever fix.

  • You need technical expertise for the next gen product.
  • You need a genius marketing campaign to drive sales.
  • You need a product roadmap based on deep industry know-how.
  • You need to replace that guy who just quit, before the place falls apart around your ankles!
So job descriptions are written, resumes are collected and your panic-stricken manager aims to hire the person most capable of plugging an operational hole. But beware the quick fix. With great intentions, your manager will make the best decision for the short-term problem. You’ll hire a long-term employee who has the top credentials for the problem of the day, but who lacks the values, passion and potential to grow with your team. Today’s hero, could be tomorrow’s liability. Like signing an athlete on a long-term contract, just so that they can score a goal in your next game, you are making an expensive investment without considering the type of players your team needs for long-term victory. So before you set out to make that next hire, stop. Understand what the short-term fix needs to look like, and then consider what kind of team member you’ll need to help your team succeed into the future. Hire for a passion that is aligned with your business. Hire for smarts, positivity, initiative and drive. Hire for the team you need today and tomorrow. (previously published on RedCanary.ca)

Oct 2013

In June 2013, Mario Laudi, founder of The Laudi Group and Red Canary, and I, presented as part of the MaRS Best Practices series for entrepreneurs. We discussed the hiring and selection process and shared some tips on how to assemble a high-performance team. In a room full of entrepreneurs, it was clear that typical recruiting methods were not leading to ideal results for these lean enterprises. Check out the video below to learn about what’s preventing you from seeing and hiring the best candidates. See the Hot Tips Video:  

Selecting the Right Candidate: Five Hot Tips for Startups from MaRS Discovery District on Vimeo.

Watch the Whole Presentation

Hiring and the Art of Selection: How to hire employees who drive results, innovation and profit - MaRS Best Practices from MaRS Discovery District on Vimeo.

Oct 2013

This month marks the start of an incredible journey. With the launch of Artemis Canada, I am fulfilling a long-held entrepreneurial dream. For more than 15 years I've been working in the Canadian technology sector. In this time I've learned an incredible amount about the dynamics of successful teams, and have met hundreds (or maybe thousands) of individuals who make up this incredible community. Through all of this experience, I've come to realize the value in bringing together a team that is truly aligned and focused on big goals, with innovation at its core. An eye for top talent, and an ability to rally a team around a clear and worthy mission, are the traits that define the true leaders in tech. These are my clients and partners. I'm privileged to play a role in the success of some impressive companies, connecting incredible talent with leaders who dream big. And I'm equally proud to work with and represent brilliant professionals, helping them join winning teams where they can grow and shine. I wouldn't have achieved this much in my career (so far!), nor have such an exciting path ahead of me without the benefit of some incredible teammates, partners, friends and mentors. So thanks everyone for helping me get here and for continuing to support me as I set out on this amazing new adventure.


Artemis Canada – Executive Search

We are a boutique executive search firm exclusively serving Canada’s Innovation Economy.

Our partners are the inventors, builders and leaders who are changing our world, enriching the lives of their teams, strengthening their communities and delivering valuable innovations to global marketplaces.


"I have worked closely with Kristina for approximately 15 years, reaching out to her whenever we are searching for the hardest to find skills. She understands the industry, she’s smart, she listens to exactly what we need, and she never wastes our time. Kristina, and the Artemis team, deliver time and time again. When we need an external recruiter, I find it hard to work with anyone else!"

Pete Devenyi, VP Global Software Dematic

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