April’s Discussion – Tech Companies and Their Communities

Welcome to the first of a monthly discussion piece. We’re chatting about the role of tech companies in their communities – won’t you join us?


Thalmic Lab’s CEO Stephen Lake published a thoughtful piece on why he’s based his company in Waterloo Region. There was a lot of back and forth discussion around Waterloo Region as a home for tech, sparked by Vidyard’s Michael Litt’s Globe and Mail piece.

The Discussion So Far:

Some in the Arts community found the piece to be offensive and written in bad faith. The author of one piece suggested that the arts could use financial support from companies as successful as Vidyard. Others like Conway Fraser argued that Litt’s piece was simply highlighting rather than attacking and opening a much-needed conversation. Fraser suggested that critical evaluation is necessary for improvement The discussion touched on the arts and culture currently available in Waterloo Region and included Litt’s view on everything from the health care facilities to the educational institutions.

How About You:

What do you think? We’ve chosen to continue the conversation around the role of tech companies in the communities in which they operate. We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter in the comments below. Do companies have an obligation to the communities in which they operate? If so, to what extent?

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