What the Heck is an ‘Ideal Workplace’ Anyway?

What does the ideal workplace look like?

At Artemis we’re always looking to ensure that we consider the entire, diverse population when we conduct a search. Each of our clients asks us to ‘do everything we can to find’ candidates from under-represented groups – especially women. So we work extra hard, and challenge ourselves and our assumptions.

The question was then turned around when I was asked, “how can you be sure that the tech companies that you work with are a good place for a woman to work?” I had to pause. Shouldn’t a diverse group of individuals have an equally diverse definition of an ‘ideal employer’?

Defining fit is complex. Your ideal employer is a combination of values, environment, work and management styles, technologies, purpose and more. Across these measures, there is no universal checkmark for women.

So what should we look for? And what should you look create as you grow your companies? In this great BetaKit piece from Axonify’s Carol Leaman she gives insights and examples. A celebration of diversity needs to be built into the foundation of your business with actions, language, and behaviour that authentically demonstrates that everyone is valued.

As we work with companies that are genuinely concerned about building diverse teams, we need to push them to challenge their assumptions of what ideal talent will look like. While it may be harder to deliver candidates who both possess a scarce skillset and who also bring diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, the impact on these businesses, their customers and our tech community will be immeasurable.